We on the Elektra team believe in the superpowers of normal people, science, and new technologies. We develop solutions to amplify our abilities and improve people’s problems. Elektra created a deflationary token that rewards dedicated community members by increasing the value of their holdings and protecting their assets. Elektra possesses strength, speed, stamina, and creativity at the pinnacle of blockchain performance. Here at Elektra we believe that many people considered “very normal” actually have characteristics that are out of the ordinary. You’re welcome to share with us the most amazing experience.

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Elektra’s tokenomics promote holding by reflecting 3% of each sale back to its holders. The contract ownership has been renounced and LP locked. Check  the Interfi Network full Smart Contract Audit


All transactions are limited to a maximum of 5% to avoid massive price changes.


A 5% transaction tax is added to increase liquidity (LP) and prevent against (mitigate) pumps and dumps.


There is a burning fee of 2% on all transactions removing tokens from circulation 

People from all walks of life and from every corner of the world are beginning to understand the power of digital tokens and the opportunity for wealth creation it can provide. People worldwide are gifted with extraordinary abilities, many invisible, poor, marginalized. Elektra wants to share your experiences with the world. This is why we aim to build a community that is diverse in every sense of the word, including culturally and economically. 

InterFi team has performed a line-by-line manual analysis and automated review of the smart contract. The contract was analyzed for common vulnerabilities, exploits, and manipulation hacks. According to the certificate of compliance, Elektra’s smart contract source code has LOW RISK SEVERITY. Check the Interfi Network full review of the Smart Contract Audit 


A Verified Contract on allows people to read it’s source code and all major information.


We did a smart contract audit by a third part to assure that our Technology is safe and can be used by anyone.


Holders earn passive rewards through the static reflection of watching the balance of Elektra grow indefinitely.

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How to get started

1. Connect your Metamask wallet to Pancakeswap
2. Copy and paste in the Elektra contract address
3. Pair the Elektra Token with WBNB 
4. Set the slippage to 10%
5. Swap

1. Create a Wallet on Metamask

2. Connect Bsc mainnet

3. Swap Bnb with WBNB and than swap WBNB with ELEKTRA

How to get benefits

With Elektra Communities, other projects can create a large impact in solving real-world problems. Accepting Elektra as a new means of payment will allow any new technology to get benefits and be part of this revolution


1. Hold Elektra

2. Be part of our Community

3. Start making a difference


Elektra plans to implement several new features and services in the following months ahead. We are confident that with success, we will be able to reach our goal of supporting new technological projects in reducing our carbon footprint.

Step 1

  • Create Token
  • Verification on BSCscan
  • Liquidity on Pancakeswap
  • Twitter campaign
  • Telegram channel
We want to enlarge the community and support early adopters, attracting media and new fans. We build a more substantial reputation and get more market.

Step 2

  • Coingeko listing
  • Smart contract Audit
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Second Lp Pancakeswap
  • Reddit channel

We do believe in Metaverse, Nft, and electronic web3 e-commerce. We will implement new solutions to cross-chains and attract new users with partnerships in attractive markets. 

Step 3

  • Binance application
  • Elektra merchant account
  • Metaverse Integrations
  • Defi other token integrations and scalability

Join us and get Rewards

  • Proof your abilities
  • Get noticed
  • Receive 10.000 Elektra
  • Fill the form and claim your ELEKTRA 


Elektra employs 3 simple functions: Reflection + LP acquisition + Burn In each trade, the transaction is taxed a 10% fee, which is split 3 ways.


  • 3% Fee
  • Redistributed to all existing holders 


  • Total 70,000,000,000
  • Burning fees 2% per transaction
  • Smar conract Token Audit

Auto LP

  • 5% Fee
  • are added building up the liquidity pool

Token Name








About Elektra

Elektra builds and develops initiatives in the Technological & Renewable Energy space. We support all the people that have something to give to the community. We welcome devs that build apps and we will create a special Hackaton in the future to create projects around our digital token.


From the start Elektra's goal has been to enable fast exchange rates.


Elektra's platform is decentralized. Each transaction is ran through Bep20 protocol.


Elektra's use of the blockchain allows all transactions to be monitored online.


100% for the community. We support the growth spreading the message.

Our mission

Elektra’s mission is simple. Our goal from the start was to create a meme coin that not only rewards holders. We want to have a real utility for growth. Our mission is to turn every token holder into a recurrent user supporting early adopters with airdrop and benefits.

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Our Story

Elektra was created to be different.  We wanted to help other people with the same problems that we face every day buying and selling Cryptocurrency. We created Elektra a fully green transparent project. With backgrounds in Media, Programing, and technologies our team believe we can create, together, a successful project and venture for all.

Growing Community

Elektra is creating new communities all over the world. All this requires time and patience. Ours is a long-term project. We will periodically post videos of the most active communities and growing markets. We welcome on board the Japanese community.